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11/17/13: The Velerium Mines
10/18/13: The scouting of Thelaseen
10/15/13: The Vault of Heroes
10/10/13: Trakan's Treachery - Blood in the Sand
09/29/13: Minotaur on the March
09/22/13: The Madness of Minotaur
09/21/13: For Glory and Gold
09/18/13: The Scouting of the Achatlan Lair
09/17/13: A State of Mind
09/17/13: Alone in a Shadow
09/07/13: Vanguard September Update
08/24/13: Stone & Steel Reforged in Vanguard
10/01/11: Ymir's Champions
03/14/11: Bearding Vote Results - March
02/24/11: Stone and Steel formed in Rift!
03/08/10: Dwarf Hold of Stone and Steel
01/31/10: Gift for the Dwarf Lord
12/14/09: There and Back Again, a return to Middle Earth
12/21/08: Karak Karag Named Stone and Steel Keep
11/16/08: Heraldry Revealed!
09/18/08: Server Selection for WAR: Phoenix Throne RP
12/14/07: Warhammer Alliance Guild Interview
08/08/07: WAR Beta: We're in!
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05/04/06: Grand Marshal Hardolmer!
03/26/06: Delera's Tomb

>> The Velerium Mines <<
Added by Khadric on Nov. 17th 2013 8:30 PM

"Thar be riches in them hills Ah tells yeh!", Keldo was nearly shouting by this point to be heard above the general din of the pub. The Dwarves at his table remained nonplused; they had never seen their friend worked into such a state about an ore other than mithril and gold. Keldo carried on, laying out what they would find before them: Warring Reshnok Orc and Sithar infestations, overgrown beasts of all sorts and interspersed through the whole area - nodes of Velerium. To sate their friend, some Dwarves agreed they would venture into Lost Canyon territory with Keldo in the near future to see what could be found out.

Days later, after supplies and sobriety were found, the trio of Keldo, Rukh and Khazul used the Riftways to arrive at Winterclaw's camp in Lost Canyon. The camp is home to a Vulmane people that have many tales to tell, and whom seek assistance on many fronts. Of particular interest to Rikh and Khazull was a tale involving the Mask of the Feral Warrior - a mystical item with abilities which would appeal to Rogues. With the background of the area learned, and Dwarven impatience piqued, the Dwarves headed off to find the Velerium Mines.

During their first outing, the Dwarves ventured through the Reshnok portion of the Mines. Here they found the metal Keldo had spoken of, a rare commodity indeed and with the number of Orc in the area, the Dwarves were unable to set up a proper mine-stead. While delving deeply into the mines, the monstrous beast Doozykar was felled along with Werdna and her ferocious pups. Returning to Winterclaw's camp to unload their loot, and update the Vulmane on thier progress the Dwarves were welcomed by a pleased host; eager for their heroes to venture into the Sithir camp within the mine.

Also greeting the Dwarves at the camp was Burkx. He would spell Rikh off for the next delving, and what an adventure it would prove to be! The Sithar reside deeper in the mines; their hold more firmly fixed. Sithir Beastlords accounted for the bulk of the Sithir arms and proved to be a mighty force to reckon with.

The Dwarves proved up to the challenge though, worked their way methodically through the deepest parts of the mines encountering Lissassi and Meskiik along the way whom they dispatched.

Returning again to the Vulmane camp and reporting their progress the locals again thanked the Dwarves.

Now ready to barter their wares to the local merchants, Keldo laid out the hard won peices of Velerium Ore as well as many Velerium Chunks. While the Vulmane had made good on the bounties for the beasts felled by the Dwarves, and also paid well for the artefacts retrieved, they seemed genuinely disinterested in the Velerium which the Dwarves had taken pains to acquire. When Keldo pressed them, the Vulmane eventually showed them their store of Velerium and said that they'd sell him chunks for 5 copper each!

Crushed by the pronouncement, and the general glee of the attending Dwarves, they all retired to the pub, Keldo intent on hatching another plan to strike his riches.

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>> The scouting of Thelaseen <<
Added by Khadric on Oct. 18th 2013 8:30 PM

The Thelaseen Lair of the Drake Riders is an imposing sight as it rises into the mist above the swamps east of the Ruins of Vol Tuniel. While an advance reconnoitre force of Dwarves scoured the area around Vol Tuniel for signs of organized forces as part of their training, they came across the elevated city. They were about to put their training to good use.

Upon encountering the spires in the swamp which disappeared ascending into the mists, the trio of Keldo, Kinin and Khazull checked their timepieces. They weren't set to meet up with the other half of their party for another few hour, so they set about finding a way to scale the spires, or otherwise determine what they supported above. Shortly before they were due to meet up with Olfri and Rikh, they found it; the bridge which served as the only ground entry to the Lair.

After rallying their party and briefing the Dwarves on their findings, it was decided more needed to be learned before returning to the camp of the Stone and Steel legion. The Dwarves made their way back to the bridge and began to cross. Midway over the initial span, they made contact with the Lair guard. They did not speak the common tongue, though there was hardly time to speak at all before they were attacked. The Dwarves dispatched the pair of guards and decided that discretion was appropriate due to the limited size of their party, and lack of backup. Stealthily approaching using the skills of Rogues, Ranger and Psionisist, the Dwarves eluded other guards and made their way to the first of what appeared to be many platforms where many of this race and their Drake companions resided.

Buoyed by their success and eagerness to give a detailed report to Warfield, the lads chose to reconnoitre the main building of the first platform. As they moved up, the residents were more plentiful and their stealth failed them. Like the initial guard, these inhabitant's first reaction was to attack. The troupe defended themselves pushing up to the top of the tower. When they had reached the top and investigated what they could, taking pieces of parchment and a mental map of the area for later analysis, the Dwarves chose to Evacuate the area.

Reporting to Warfield and the Long Beards it was determined that the structure they had encountered was actually the Thelaseen Lair of the Drake Riders. Lore masters could learn little from the artifacts taken from the scouts; the Lair would required further visitation to unlock its' secrets.

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>> The Vault of Heroes <<
Added by Khadric on Oct. 15th 2013 5:30 PM

When the Stone and Steel rallies to march, the days are long and the nights are short. The lads an' lasses of the legion follow a strict code of discipline until the job is done. Once on hiatus though, with pay in their pockets, the nights grow longer. Nights at the pub where the Bards are called to duty and the Stone and Steel regale one another with tales of their adventures.

One such tale was that of the Vault of Heroes.

Heading east from Veskal's Exchange, as the plains give way to hills while travelling by road, you come across the outpost of Tahean's Vengeance. It is your run of the mill outpost, and Khazull had been past this way several times without event. One particular visit found Khazull taking wing rather than foot across this area. As the Dragon Welp flies, he found himself somewhat south of Tahean's when entering the mountainous terrain. It was at this point that a plume of dark smoke caught Khazull's attention.

Dismounting his welp well west of the smoke plume, Khazull made his way back to investigate. As he closed on the area, he came across Broken Fang Clan Gnolls. Drawing within sight of the fires which were the causing the darkening of the sky the lone Dwarf found the entire area infested with Gnolls. A forgotten fortress built into the side of the hills serving as home of the Broken Fang Clan.

Curiosity piqued, Khazull waited until twilight to make his approach. The interior of the fortress still showed signs of its previous occupants despite the disrepair of late owed to the Gnolls; yet Khazull could not place the markings being generally unfamiliar with human structures. As Khazull delved deeper, the number of gnolls in residence lessened.

When Khazull found himself alone in some lower corridors he took his ease in a shadow when he was suddenly brought to alert by the shift of a nearby shadow. Startled by the realization that he wasn't alone, but rather surrounded by apparitions Khazull readied his gear, unlimbered his prized magic dagger and began to move deeper until the corridor opened into what was once a grand hall. Apparitions filled the room.

Steeling himself for an encounter, with an eye on some momento to prove the tale he was sure to tell, Khazull stealthed his way to the head of the table where a ghostly apparition stood suspended. Had this been a gathering of Dwarves, Khazull flet sure this would be a person of note in that position.

Unleashing all his skills, and with the aid of his magic dirk, Khazull quickly dispersed the apparition. To his disappointment though, there was nothing at the table which would serve as a momento. The Dwarves would have to take his word of this encounter and achievement at the Vault of Heroes.

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>> Trakan's Treachery - Blood in the Sand <<
Added by Khadric on Oct. 4th 2013 5:30 PM

The march north had been forced; allowing the Dwarven Legion to take the Minotaur unaware. As such, the deployment south was leisurely in comparison. Warfield had his Dwarves strike a path which would lead them near the Arena such that he might parley with Champion Trakan for resupply as well as allowing the Legion a brief respite from their travel.

As the army made camp to the east of the Arena, Warfield's scout returned with word that Trakan would meet later in the day. The scouts included in their report that the Minotaur in the area were uneasy with the Dwarves arrival when they had expected an expedition of Arena Minotaur to be returning from the same direction.

Warfield sat restless waiting for Trakan to attend him. Upon Trakan's entrance, the mood darkened further as the scout's information was confirm. Trakan had sent a force of Minotaur to the north before having brought the matter to the Dwarves in anticipation of spoils for himself. Warfield's forced march was unexpected and the Dwarves success brought a glower to Trakan's face.

When bargaining was concluded and Warfield retired, he reflected on the new tone being displayed by Trakan and the difficulty in getting a fair reward for the Legion's efforts. After deliberating, Warfield pulled aside some trusted Dwarves for reassignment ... stay behind at the Arena to keep an eye on activities here while the remainder of the legion completes their assignment in the south.



The small group of Stone and Steel entered the lists for group gladiatorial combat. The new names on the roster caused quite a stir, and the lack of Warfield in the ranks gave competitors a new resolve that vanquishing these Dwarves might be at hand. As such, these games overflowed with entrants.

Early pairings between Dwarf and Minotaur were exciting to the crowds, but relatively uneventful to the Dwarves as they handily dispatched their adversaries. Between encounters there was plenty of time to make rounds and see what these Minotaur were up to. Burkx spent his time in the pens talking up the combatants to see what they would share, Gun went into the crowds, Krysp to the terraces where the elite (including Trakan) were seated while Khazull took to the shadows to see what he could learn.

Comparing notes, the Dwarves and Gnome came to consensus that the Arena Minotaur resented the ongoing success of the Stone and Steel. Trakan is unable to confront this problem without losing face with his people, thus the subterfuge of sending warriors in the north. It also seems that the assignment to the south is against a Minotaur people that the Arena folks have never managed to best and the intelligence given to Warfield under-represented that fact. A disturbing pieces of information, but not one the foursome could communicate to the legion.

Fallen Minotaur

While the party was in the sand fighting a pitched battle, shouts went up among the watchers on the southern wall. The Dwarves have overrun one of the temples in the south. While the crowd was jubilant at the news, Trakan did not appear so pleased. Undoubtedly related, the next encounter for the Gladitorial group was not so easy to overcome. The group had rarely set itself against elementals, and while they were certain the rules did not include such adversaries, that is who they found themselves against. Magics flew and weapons flashed as the battle raged on. When finally the last of the elementals' flame was extinguished the south wall erupted once more in a clamor. Warfield and the Stone and Steel had secured the last of the southern temples! Despite the odds, they had overcome to victory.

At this, the Champion Trakan threw back his head and roared. He took to his feet and charged the arena sands. "Defend yourselves!" he shouted, as the melee was joined.

Weary from their previous battle, the party steeled itself for the sudden and violent encounter. Trakan was a giant of a Minotaur, towering more than thrice the height of a Dwarf. Making this their advantage, Burkx and Khazull closed inside the Minotaur's weapon arc slicing and piercing at his legs to slow his mobility. Tharak was an expert warrior though and adapted, using the haft of his double headed axes to gain space. The battle went back and forth like this until finally the bleeding took its tole and Tharak began to slow. Krysp used his magics to further weary the Minotaur while Gunvrigd kept the Dwarves from succumbing to the massive Minotaur.

Finally Trakan fell as an uneasy hush fell over the crowd - none moved to challenged the Stone and Steel party. The sand, churned with blood and ashes, was quiet. Murmurs in the arena eventually began to grow until silenced by a loud boom and brief beam of light piercing the sky from the south where the Stone and Steel had completed the Frost and Flame ritual; an act not accomplished in living memory. The stadium began to empty in panic and curiosity.

Krysp, Gunvrigd, Burkx and Khazull left the arena in the commotion and journeyed to rejoin the Stone and Steel so the legion could finally leave the area.

Leaving the blood in the sand behind them, their work here is done.

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>> Minotaur on the March <<
Added by Khadric on Sep. 29th 2013 8:30 PM

While the bulk of the Dwarven army had moved south of the Arena and on to the Temples of Zarji to deal with their Caretakers, the northern minotaur took the opportunity to send for reinforcements. They had apparently named new Seers for each of the temples abandoned by the army and were ready to retake the territory.

The folk of the River Palace Trading Post got word of these new arrivals when runners returned from their supposedly unfettered delivery routes reporting the troubles. The River Palace folk immediately sent word to the Arena Minotaur outlining what they had found. All this was brought before Warfield who took the opportunity to strike once again at the norther Minotaur before they could gain a strong foothold.


As they headed north, the Dwarven ranks were bolstered by the addition of two healers, the Cleric Anique and the Shaman Gunvrigd. This proved invaluable since the Minotaur taking back the Temples came prepared for the Dwarven army.

The Dwarves started with their usual cautious reconnoitering the area to find the Minotaur had taken up much as they were found in the first case. From there it was a back and forth battle. When the Dwarves took to press the Minotaur, they found them to have brought warriors of greater renown than their first encounter. Many fell on both sides, but with the support of their healers, the Dwarves saw through to victory! Once again the north was clear of the unwanted occupation and the Stone and Steel could refocus their efforts elsewhere.

At the end of the battle, a cheer went up for Anique and Gunvrigd for saving the Dwarves from Minotaur on the march.

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>> The Madness of Minotaur <<
Added by Khadric on Sep. 22th 2013 8:30 PM

The days and weeks following Warfield's call to arms found a legion of Dwarves marching along the Seawatch Coast. The 'Arena Minotaur', as the Dwarves describe the Minotaur of the Zarajian Empire who control the arena on the eastern edge of Seawatch Coast, had provided much of the incentive for the Dwarves intervention in what is otherwise a civil matter. Since their arrival, the Stone & Steel had dispatched the Seers of three competing Minotaur tribes residing north-east of the Arena. The Minotaur were pleased and proved good to their word for coin and gear which made the Dwarves eyes shine.

After several wagons of gold and goods were hauled away from the Arena, Warfield was confronted by Champion Trakan with a baffling proposal: Bring your most lethal guard and do gladitorial battle with the Zaraj. It seems the Arena Minotaur actually felt left out of the fighting. They wished so badly to take part that they sweetened the pot, making Warfield's answer a forgone conclusion ... the Stone & Steel accept!

Arena Group

Warfield named his guard: Clansmen Anvyll Oathspeaker, Burkx SledgeHammer, Khazull Mistwalker, Krysp Stormchaser and Beardling Rikh Marbleaxe. A stout force of Dwarves if ever there was one. Together they took to the sand of the arena. They called to Trakan to release his gladiators, and the sand ran red with Minotaur blood.

Wave after wave threw themselves at the adventurers, and all were repelled. The Dwarves continue the fight instinctively for the arena was packed with spectators and the roar was deafening. When finally another wave was broken and no oncomers presented themselves, there was naught for Warfield to do but reach down to one of the giant gladiators felled earlier in the contest and hold aloft his crumpled insignia which brought a hush over the crowd as it was clear now, even the Zaraj Minotaur could not best those of the Stone & Steel.


The crowd looked for approval of the actions of the Dwarves from Champion Trakan for this was his arena and things would end badly if he was not amused.

After several moments, too long, of indecision from Trakan, he finally held aloft his weapons and let loose a belious cheer for the Dwarves.

Tension in the arena was replaced with further jubilation, for spectator and Dwarf alike.

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>> For Glory and Gold <<
Added by Khadric on Sep. 21th 2013 2:30 PM

After a good night's sleep and hearty morning breakfast, the trio of Kyrsp, Burkx and Khazull got to the business of discussing how to proceed with their findings at Achatain Lair. After much debate, no consensus was reached other than that a higher authority must be consulted. To that end, the group headed out in search of Warfield, Dwarf Lord of the Stone and Steel.

The barkeep had no suggestion as to where Warfield might be, so the lads headed to the stables to confirm whether his steed was still in the village. Surely enough it was, so the lads headed to the practice yard, a common place for aspiring Dwarves to be found. Warfield was not there. Demoralized at the lack of fruit from their search, the lads chose to find a scribe so they might record a map of their findings and capture notes on next steps.

Warfield Paperwork

Entering the library, all was quiet but for some bustling in some back room. Investigating the noises, hopeful of finding their scribe, the party finally uncovered their quary. There was Warfield seated behind a stout oaken desk, covered in notes, scrolls and carefully placed candles.

"Ahoy Warfield!" the party exclaimed almost at once as they pressed into the room surprising the squire and scribes in attendance. Warfield looked up wearily. From his demeanor and the number of burned down candles on the table, it had not been a pleasant evening for the Dwarf Lord.

"Ho Lads.", said Warfield after a moment's pause of shuffled papers. "What brings yeh about?" Confronted with an opportunity to plead their case to the Dwarf Lord himself, the trio hesitated. Eventually Krysp ventured to speak. The words rolling faster from his tongue as he got into the meat of the tale. Bringing the last days travails to a close, Krysp fell to a silence which clung in the room broken by the creak of Warfield's chair as he leaned forward to pick a piece of parchment he had earlier covered.

"Spiders ye say? An' a cave full o' 'em?" Warfield handed the paper to Krysp who scanned its content and passed the page around. "Ah've plainly got no time fer a cave full o' spiders..." At this, Warfield stood. "However, gather whot lads ye will fer yer spelunkin'. Ah'll be rallyin' t' help the folks in Seawatch Coast." And with that, Warfield walked out leaving the Dwarves and Gnome staring at an empty chair.

Minotaur Party Minotaur

The scribe in attendance filled in the details: It seems the Minotaur in the area of Seawatch Coast, a tribal peoples, have begun warring with one another and this warring has spread to the villages around Minotaur lands. While the villages themselves have asked for help, and offered reward for the assistance, the Minotaur who control the arena grounds themselves are also offering good coin to help bring the issue to resolution. The scribe suggested that an opportunity to come to the assistance of those in need combined with a rich reward for doing so would be exactly what the Dwarf legion needed to rouse its numbers.

Days later, with thoughts of Spiders pushed neatly to a side, the four adventurers, Warfield, Krysp, Burkx and Khazull appeared in Seawatch Coast, on the western edge of Qalia. They spoke with the locals and began reconnoitering the area... misfortune befalling any Minotaur that crossed their path.

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>> The Scouting of the Achatlan Lair <<
Added by Khadric on Sep. 17th 2013 11:30 PM
Scouting Party

Khazull and Burkx, fresh from their most recent adventure had settled in at the pub to regale everyone with their tales of heroism. Krysp joined their table to share in the ale, and the telling.

While deep in their cups that evening, the lads got to reminiscing about lost youth and misadventures of the past. One such tale was of the Achatlan Lair. This cave complex was not far from Veskal's Exchange, a merchant hub, where the lads had spent time as their parents carried out business.

This tale grew with the telling, as all good tales do, with each Dwarf stretching a yarn about touching an Ettercap with a stick, or no, with their hand... or even, says the Gnome, leading one on a merry chase through the surrounding forest until he gave up in contempt!

Well, what could anyone do confronted with such a formidable achievement? Why, what any good Dwarf would do; finish his pint and lead an expedition to prove he could do better! Thus began the scouting of Achatlan Lair.


Steadied by their mounts, the three adventurers approached the cave mouth. They slew several wandering spiders which emboldened them for the journey ahead. Finally they entered the mouth of the Lair. If not for their drunken state, they might have noticed the air grow moist and cramped, as if the lair was swallowing its prey.

Unperturbed, the party jauntily engaged their first foe who quickly dispatched the party, its wails of glee echoing off the cavern walls. Regrouping, still afflicted by ale and not recalling the details of why they were reborn, the group flung themselves again and again at the denizens of Achatlan Lair.

Slowly their ale induced fortitude began to fade and they approached the lair more carefully. Krysp suggested he could cast an illusion on himself and scout ahead. Khazull went with him. In the depths of the lair, they found an army of creatures fortified against invasion. It would be no evening jaunt to plumb these depths. The trio retired to the pub, sobered by the realization.

To succeed in this adventure, they would need their brothers and sisters. So they began to put out the word for all to come!

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>> A State of Mind <<
Added by Khadric on Sep. 17th 2013 6:30 PM

Khazull and Burkx The air was dry and the sun hot on Skrillien Point that day. Fortunately the bulk of the work would occur below ground as that is where the Hunter's League has sent their apprentices for their final trial.

Khazull was up early intent on scouting the area known as Kalendra's Coven which extended far underground just east of the Upside Defense garrison.

Stealthily Khazull was able to make his way through the entire labyrinth going so far as to fetch back the tablets from the various halls that Master Vallerex, an apprentice of Kalendra herself, requested from within.

His mind at ease from a morning of quietly navigating the tunnels, when the time came for Burkx to join Khazull so they might complete the task of dispatching the wretched abominations found in the lair, Khazull explained the layout and how to move about without disturbing the inhabitants.

Confronted with the lecture on sneaking and patient maneuvering, Burkx exclaimed, "... but Ah'm a Paladin. We haven't that skill!". Once more, Khazull attempted an explanation, and once more it fell on deaf ears. Burkx did not have the same state of mind.

They pressed onward! With their presence known at every turn, they had many setbacks. Still they pushed their way forward, Burkx laughing and taunting their quarry, "That's Paladin Stealth! Har!". Until finally they reached the abomination chamber where they made short work of its denizens.

Upon their return to Neneler Jabifa, of the Hunter's League, Khazull and Burkx were made full members themselves.

We are pleased to present, Khazull Miststalker and Burkx SledgeHammer each Of the Hunter's League!!

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>> Alone in a Shadow <<
Added by Khadric on Sep. 17th 2013 6:30 PM

The Gods, in their benevolence, watch over us with only a bit of weakness and amnesia should we venture where we should not; meeting what would otherwise be an uncertain end.

Regardless, Khazull would still rather avoid the scenario entirely - why play dice with the Gods? He has gone to great length practicing his stealth and ability to slide away from a foe when the outcome looks bleak. This gives him solace that he will continue to walk the world exploring new lands, and able to return to the guild halls to regale the Dwarves of his exploits.

It should come to pass then that Khazull found himself out with Strykar plumbing the much maligned depths of Khegor's End. While they had high hopes, the duo was somewhat light on experience for such an outing - yet how better to gain such experience? ... they venture forth! Down and down they struggled, the spiral ramp thick with web and spiders alike. A rhythm soon emerged with Strykar lashing out at the spiders from distance while Khazull would hide off to the side until they passed; pouncing on their backs and together making short work of their chitinous foes.

Finally the ground levelled out revealing to the Dwarves creatures made of sterner stuff; and more eager to work together. The first of these foe surprised the duo taking Strykar quickly. Aghast at what he saw, Khazull fled, losing his attackers in the webs of the ramp. Alone in the shadows Khazull awaited Strykar's return upon which time the duo revised their strategy to some early success. While these creatures would summon forth help, Khazull's poisoned blades and Strykar's skill with earthly roots magic outmatched the inhabitants of these depths; for a while. Another misstep left Khazull in the Shadows again careful to avoid unwanted attention while Strykar regrouped.

As Strykar returned from the third failed attack, Khazull resolved to go down with his comrade if it should come to that. These shadows had begun to grown darker and Khazull's dislike for relying on the Gods for renewal waned. As you might expect from the tone of this tale, the duo's valiant fight was ultimately cut short by the overwhelming numbers of those inhabiting Khegor's End. Both succumbing and being transported safely away.

Later that evening as he raised a toast to Strkyar, Khazull tried to recall the tale but the amnesia which always accompanied renewal kept the details from his recollection.

He resolved as he had before, it wasn't so bad to be alone in a shadow.

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>> Stone & Steel Reforged in Vanguard <<
Added by Warfield on Sep. 7th 2013 12:41 PM

Hey there folks,

I just wanted to give everyone an update on our goings-on in Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.

Thanks to Longbeard Anvyl Oathspeaker (some may remember him as the gnome Thanzit the Mad in Everquest) we managed to get the old guild Stone & Steel back under active member control. It was being led by a longbeard who wasn’t actively playing yet and thus we weren’t able to properly run things. If you wish to see who is online simple type /who all Stone & Steel in the chat window. Note that I am playing as “Warfeild” there, and no that’s not a typo, someone seems to have taken my name.

During our brief time here so far we’ve recruited a number of excellent folk who will all make great long-term members of our guild. One of Vanguard’s strengths is its great community (as evidenced by the caliber of new people we’ve added to our ranks).

Also, we have decided on a location for our town and guildhall. It is a nice valley surrounded by mountains, with lots of stone quarries and even a few frost drakes flying about hunting for Dwarfs and Gnomes to keep things interesting! There are currently 20+ plots available in and around the area. If you you’ve always wanted to open a blacksmithy or tavern, now’s your chance!

We are fairly active, but it would be great to see even more of the Longbeards wake from their slumber for this terrific adventure we’ve started in Telon!

Here are some nice features Vanguard offers, if you are still deciding:

1. It is free to play, with some limitations (though the game is doable without a subscription).
2. Mentoring system for groups. So if you are more than five levels above someone you can mentor down to their level to join them on their quests and they still get experience.
3. Brotherhood system, allowing you to create a brotherhood with some mates and share experience (even when offline).
4. Public (non-instanced) dungeons so you can run into other parties adventuring the same area as yours.
5. Plenty of named monsters wandering the world who drop good treasure.
6. Appearance tab, customize your character's look.
7. Dwarfs and gnomes can play any class, and there are many of them!
8. Build houses, guildhalls and boats! Houses and guildhalls can be grouped together to form a village. Housing is not instanced, so others can be walking by and see your home in the world.
9. Four spheres of advancement: Adventuring, Crafting, Harvesting, and Diplomacy (and all play a useful role in the game).
10. Complex and engaging crafting system.
11. PvP Public arena.
12. Flying mounts.
13. Tons of content and relatively slow progression.
14. Stone and Steel will be there!

Stone & Steel dethrones the oathbreaker king, Jurdin Thunderaxe!Anine surprises the guild with "Slappy the Cool" at our first guild meeting.The game is not without its issues, such as having higher computer system requirements than some other games, and the odd bug here and there. However, these things are easily overlooked when you’re with the right group of folks to chat and adventure with!

So if you’ve been thinking about it and have the time, join us. We’re having a great time here and have a solid foundation of both new and old faces holding the Stone & Steel banner proudly aloft.

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>> Stone & Steel Reforged in Vanguard <<
Added by Warfield on Aug. 24th 2013 9:30 AM

Hear ye! Hear ye!

The Dwarfs of Bordinar's Cleft and the Gnomes of Mekalia have formed an alliance of the deep dark! This alliance of Stone & Steel is now recruiting Dwarf and Gnome adventurers, tradefolk and emissaries of any beard length to become champions of the underhalls and deep realms of Telon! All manner of skill and ability are welcome as we have need of all in the construction of our guildhall and town in the mountains of Thestra!

Not since the days of Everquest 1 have we experienced such a sense of wonder, exploration, and danger! Several dark and perilous dungeons have we already seen. Several powerful and dangerous renowned creatures have we crossed hammers with... and much wondrous treasures have they given us. We have met several new prospective Beardlings and Braidlings in this land and are looking forward to building long-lasting friendships with these most excellent of folk!

Stone & Steel dethrones the oathbreaker king, Jurdin Thunderaxe!Anine surprises the guild with "Slappy the Cool" at our first guild meeting.

We will be in these lands quite a while and look forward to faces both old and new joining us here! Valor and honor from below!

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>> Ymir's Champions <<
Added by Warfield on Oct. 1st 2011 8:51 AM

The Dwarfs of Stone and Steel enter the lands of Agon and hold their first meeting in Hammerdelve. Here are the meeting notes for those who missed it. The Dwarfs in attendance will each be awarded a meeting point and/or a dungeon point depending on which part(s) they participated in.


Guild Formation
It was decided to not form the guild at this time.
We will be re-evaluating our ability in two months at November's month-end meeting.
Until then we will be forming a daily group and invite members into it for shared chat.

Friends List (IMPORTANT)
Please look at our Member List here:
Add everyone on this page to you your Friends List: Journal -> Social -> Friends -> Add -> First Name -> Search
When folks come online please invite them to the guild group.

Daily Guild Group:
As mentioned, we will be forming a daily guild group.
If you are going AFK for the day, please drop from the group to make room for someone else.
Anyone in the group can /invite.

Promotions and Donations:
Please review the FAQ about promotions here.
We will only accept donations through a Thane or Dwarf Lord.
Promotions and Donations will not take place until we form the guild.

Guild Events.
We'll have guild-wide PvE hunts on Friday nights at 8:00PM CST.
Meetings will take place on the last Friday of each month.
Once we are more advanced we will be adding PvP battle-training to the list of guild events.

Griefer Policy (added to the FAQ under Code of Conduct)
Under no circumstances are members of Stone and Steel to communicate with griefers. (This means no public comments, no tells, nothing.)
Note: Griefers are blue-named players who try to or exploit game mechanics to cheat or get folks killed.

Next Meeting Preview:
Crafting Strategy to be finalized and implemented
Primary Combat Specs to be added to Member List

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>> Beardling Vote Results <<
Added by Warfield on Apr. 4th 2011 12:45 PM

Cheers to our newest Clanswomen Avilena and Lauraan! Their oaths will be added to the Oathstone of Stone and Steel alongside the other Clansfolk!

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>> Stone and Steel Formed in Rift! <<
Added by Warfield on Feb. 24th 2011 9:50 PM

Tonight the ascended Dwarves of Telara gathered in Sanctum's Lodge of the Planes. With a bit of gold an' a bit of ale, I'm pleased to announce that Stone and Steel has been formed on the Faeblight RP/PvE server! Over the next few days I'll be updatin' the barracks with folks' classes an' trades. Many thanks to the followin' Dwarves fer their donation to the treasury:

Nur           35gp
Wargan    35gp
Krumm      20gp
Tirin          25gp

I am also pleased to announce our Thanes Drim, Kromden an' Trost. We will have a ceremony to formally recognize em once we have the thane hammers crafted. Until then, please seek either one of the Thanes or myself out fer an invitation to the Hold.

Cheers an' welcome to Telara Stones!

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>> Dwarf Hold of Stone and Steel <<
Added by Warfield on Mar. 8th 2010 8:00 PM

This past weekend Stone and Steel completed work on their Dwarf Hold in Middle Earth! It is located at 5 Roaring Road, Hekksgrun neigborhood, Thorin's Halls Homesteads. ooc: Any members wishing to visit simply go to their Skills tab and under Housing drag the Travel to Kinship House icon to their hotbar. We still need to come up with a few names for the Hold itself as well as and the bridge leading up to it. So start brainstorming and bring it up at our next meeting. Currently the house has been furnished to keep it from feeling empty, but feel free to stuff personalized decorations in the commons area storage chest or send it to me if that is full. We will work towards replacing the existing furnishings with these items if possible. All clansfolk will be able to use both the decorations and storage, noting the following designated storage areas:

Main commons: Decorations and Class-specific items.
Den area: Tailoring, Woodworking, Farming
Thane's room: Jewelcrafting, Metalworking, Weaponsmithing

 I would like to thank the following clansfolk for their generous donations which went towards the purchase, upkeep and furnishing of our Dwarf Hold this weekend!


Below are some pictures of the event, first just prior to paying for the hall, and below once the Dwarves learn of the upkeep costs. Harhar!

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>> Gift for the Dwarf Lord <<
Added by Warfield on Jan. 31th 2010 9:26 PM

In honor of the Lord of Stone and Steel achieving his 38th season, the fine lads and lass of the Hold put their gold together to commission a gift of finely wrought set of Dwarf-Iron armor! Metalsmith Gormi took to the forge to craft this wondrous gift and presented personally it in front of the those gathered in the tavern under Thorin's Halls. To celebrate, many ales were had as we practiced timing our ale-guzzling to get it down perfectly, well almost perfectly... My thanks once again for the gift, and may I be able to even better lead you through many adventurers together! Cheers!

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>> There and back again, a return to Middle Earth <<
Added by Warfield on Dec. 14th 2009 7:41 PM

Nearly three years have passed since  Dwarves of Stone and Steel last set foot in Middle Earth. Once again they can be heard talking of tales and treasure in the Halls of Thorin, the last great king under the mountain! On this night we were treated to the musical interludes of Orgid and Ozgrim, and to the hilarious jokes of the Dwarf Lord after a few rounds of mystery brew were served! Once the Dwarves could not take much more of the brilliant wit of their Lord, they set out in search of a guildhall in Thorin`s Gate. Thanks goes to Ozgrim for the picture submission!

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>> Karak Karag Named Stone and Steel Hold! <<
Added by Warfield on Dec. 21st 2008 10:23 AM

Last night Stone and Steel triumphantly made its returned to the field of battle and were instrumental in locking down Thunder Mountain. As a reward for their efforts, High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer has granted the Dwarfs of Stone and Steel ownership of the Dwarfen keep of Karak Karag! Aye, our very own hold! Not since we left the ancient halls of Mount Glander have we had one to call our own. May we live up to the honor given to us by our High King and defend it with our lives.

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>> Heraldry Revealed! <<
Added by Warfield on Nov. 16th 2008 4:24 PM

Today we reached the milestone of guild rank 20 in Warhammer Online! With this achievement the heraldry of Stone and Steel is finally revealed for all to see! All may now look upon Spell-Eater, the ancient warding rune crafted by Runelords of Mount Glander with awe. It has been a long and tough road, but we did it. Well done everyone!

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>> Server Selection for WAR: Phoenix Throne RP <<
Added by Warfield on Sept. 18th 2008 6:32 PM

Stone and Steel Server: PHOENIX THRONE

Horns blasts are heard, followed by the bellowing from the Herald of Mount Glander! An announcement of the throng's mustering has been made! Excited Dwarfs begin to assemble in the Halls of Training ready to march forth and reclaim what is rightfully theirs...

I am pleased to announce that we have decided to make Phoenix Throne our home for Warhammer Online. This is a Roleplaying tagged server that adheres to the Core Ruleset (separate PvP and PvE areas). We feel that this type of server will provide us with the best environment for our guild and we look forward to making ourselves well-known in the community.

Stone and Steel had an exceptionally smooth entry into Warhammer Online and the guild was formed within 30 minutes of launch. Dedicated Beardlings and Longbeards alike bristled with anticipation while waiting in our Halls for exact moment the gates would open. "IT'S UP!!" went the shout! Without hesitation, we rushed forth ready to make our mark on the world. Many thanks go to Krumm for paying the entire 50 silver pieces to purchase the guild charter as well as to Halamur, Rokford, Orged and Kalgar for lending their names in the formation. Well done all!

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>> Warhammer Alliance Guild Interview <<
Added by Warfield on Dec. 14th 2007 11:08 PM

Stone and Steel was featured this week in the Warhammer Alliance Community Spotlight. We are pleased to be their first interview on the side of order after repeated destruction guild interviews. It's about time! Of course, we had to do some educating not only about who we are and what we're about, but also the proper way to interview a Dwarf. After you're done reading the interview see what people are saying about it here. Enjoy!

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Q: Tell us a little about Stone and Steel. What prompted you to found the guild, and how has it grown since?

Warfield [IC]: A little bit? Are ya in a rush to get somewhere lad? A Longbeard shouldn’t have to rush through any tale, especially a tale tellin’ of the Stone and Steel regiment. Now have a seat an’ listen up, ya might actually learn somethin’...

Warfield [OOC]: Stone and Steel was first formed in August of 1999 in the game Everquest to be a home for Dwarf players. Back then we were known as the Champions of Brell, which was the Dwarf deity in that game. Since then, we have played Dark Age of Camelot, World of Warcraft, Everquest 2, Dungeon and Dragons Online, Vanguard, and beta tested Shadowbane and Lord of the Rings Online.

We remain to this day a Dwarf-only roleplaying guild which now focuses on the PvP aspect of various games. The guild was originally founded for Dwarf players, but over the years has narrowed its focus to cater to Dwarf enthusiasts who enjoy PvP. Some may wonder what the difference is between a Dwarf player and Dwarf enthusiast. Well, a Dwarf player is by definition someone who plays a Dwarf. "Got a beard and a pulse? Great, you're in!" That's not what we’re about. Dwarf enthusiasts on the other hand are people who always pick Dwarfs as their main characters, rarely, if ever, play other races, know who Flint, Bruenor, Thorin, and Gotrek are, and generally display the characteristics of being stubborn, loyal, and mature. That's what we're about.

Anyways, the guild grew pretty quickly in EQ (we had about 230 members spread across three servers back then). Nowadays we are more focused on building meaningful friendships with fellow members while achieving success at the "end-game". To help accomplish this we are very selective in our recruiting and plan to limit our guild size to around 75-100 members. This is about the size where we feel a guild can maintain its tight-knit feel while at the same time be able to get enough members online to do some of the more challenging content, whether it be PvP or PvE.


Q: How did you decide on your faction, if you have done so?

Warfield [IC]: Haven't you been listening ya daft manling?!

Warfield [OOC]: We always play Dwarfs...


Q: What sort of ranking system do you have within your guild?

Warfield [IC]: *Stares blankly at the tankard-less table in front of him and grudgingly answers*

Warfield [OOC]: We have one Dwarf Lord (guild leader) who sets the direction for the guild and ensures that the goals stated are met. Up to five Thanes (officers), depending on the size of the guild, are named to lead events, handle recruiting questions, handle complaints, and provide counsel to the guild leader. More experienced members are promoted to the role of Champion (group leader) which move individual six-man groups around during large scale events. Those are the leadership positions.

We also have two function-specific positions to help run the guild; a guild banker and a website news writer. Lastly, we have ranks recognizing accomplishments such as becoming a full member, hitting maximum level, achieving the highest renown rank, or maxing out your tradeskill.


Q: Can you discuss your application process?

Warfield [IC]: I suppose, but it is customary to buy a drink after every question. By my count yer about three drinks behind, four if ya count this question. Since you're obviously unaware of this long-standing Dwarf tavern tradition, I'll answer, but ya better have a frothy tankard ready before ya ask yer next one!

Warfield [OOC]: All applications need to be done on our forums. We do not conduct interviews in game. If you can't figure out how to register on our forums or read the application guides posted, then that's a bad sign right off the bat.

Our application is pretty lengthy and the answers given are seriously considered. I think we're one of the few guilds that ask members to take the Bartle Test, for example.

Anyways, if the application is deemed satisfactory by our high standards, then the applicant (we call applicants "Beardlings") is invited into the guild in-game to begin their trial period and are given access to the Beardling private forums.

The trial period concludes for all Beardlings at the end of every month at which time our guild holds a vote on prospective members. Full members can vote AYE, NAY, or WHO? A WHO? vote is the same thing as saying I never got to know the applicant. Get more WHO votes than AYE votes and you're out with no chance to re-apply (basically less than 50% AYE votes means expulsion). So, it pays to be very active during your trial period. Now, if you get just one NAY vote, then you're out with no chance to re-apply... you'd probably also have your beard shaved and be forced to wear the pointy-ears of shame.

As you can see, even if your application is accepted after the critical examination by the Thanes and the Dwarf Lord, you still need to convince the Longbeards and Clansmen you're a worthwhile Dwarf.


Q: No doubt the qualities you value in applicants also reflect the qualities of the guild as a whole. What are they?

Warfield [IC]: *Takes a long series of gulps from the tankard presented before him and wipes the foam from his mustache*

Good, ya remembered the long-standing Dwarf tavern tradition. See? Yer learnin’ somethin’ after all!

Warfield [OOC]: We value Dwarf roleplaying, maturity, teamwork and having a PvP-focus. An applicant's values should be in line with our own as we're not likely to change them anytime soon. If you show characteristics that lend themselves to the above values then we probably want you as a member.


Q: How does it feel to be in the guild, and how do you function as a community?

Warfield [IC]: A whole lot better than not bein' in it I'm sure.

Warfield [OOC]: The goal for our community is to make members feel like they are part of an actual regiment from Karaz-a-Karak trying to rebuild the Dwarf realm and settle grudges. The atmosphere can be gritty and cantankerous, but at the same time filled with honor and loyalty.

Our belief is that to feel part of a community the guild must hold regular events (preferably with a consistent schedule). Also, the guild shouldn't be too large that you never group with certain members, but at the same time not too small that you spend most of your time soloing, unable to do certain content.


Q: As a guild, do you have any plans to contribute to the community, and if so please describe them.

Warfield [IC]: Don't expect us to host wine and cheese parties anytime soon...

Warfield [OOC]: Our contribution will be in RvR. Hopefully that will be enough for both our enemies and our allies.


Q: What can we expect of Stone and Steel upon release of WAR?

Warfield [IC]: Why, the same thing you'd expect from any proper Dwarf regiment of course! Expect us to be tough, stubborn, fearless and grudge-filled.

Warfield [OOC]: Expect something interesting on the first Friday night on the week of release. After that, expect Stone and Steel to be the number one Dwarf-only Roleplaying Guild in Player vs Player combat on our server, tracked weekly on the WAR-Herald.


Q: What's your stance on "builds"? Do you require your members to conform to certain rules when choosing their characters' abilities?

Warfield [IC]: Well some Dwarfs are just fatter than others, there's little that can be helped about that, but if ya can march into battle and smash the skull of an orc, that's all we ask for.

Warfield [OOC]: Fortunately we don't have to force our members to pick certain specs or builds. Our members want to be successful in whatever we do and I’ve found that every single member of our guild always ends up picking the best build for what our guild goals are without any pressure from the guild leaders.


Q: What's your stance on "Gold Farmers" who proceed to sell their in-game gold onto players for real cash?

Warfield [IC]: Gold Farming? A Dwarf's dream come true I say! Why, I remember my great grandfather telling me that money didn't grow on trees, now you're gonna tell me otherwise? Har!

*Shakes his head in disbelief*

Warfield [OOC]: I can't speak for the rest of the guild since we haven't had a debate on the matter. Personally, I wish they didn't exist, but because of poor game design, they do.

If WAR ends up making it a requirement to use a lot of gold to upgrade your gear or use rare tradable components, expect gold farming to be just as rampant in WAR as it is in other games. The best way to get rid of gold farmers is to make items and their enhancements require personal time invested by the players to get. For example, by doing quests or killing other players. Another option is to make high quality items No-Trade. If you ask me, crafted items are more likely to cause gold-farming to emerge than say quested gear or RvR-rewarded gear.

Stone and Steel wouldn't boot a member for purchasing gold. If EA Mythic decides to make gold-buying a ban-able offense, then we don't have to worry about booting players as they will already be booted from the game.

My personal feeling on the matter is that buying items or gold with real money is a personal choice made by the player. Either they have the time to gather the gold in game or they have a job that allows them to afford the gold out of game. If you believe that time = money, which I do, then there is no difference in terms of fairness between the two methods to acquire gold.

That said, the effects of the decision to support gold farmers by buying their product have a serious impact on the rest of the player base, such as spamming advertisements in game for example. This is a more serious problem and I feel that the developer either needs to curb the demand for gold-farming through good game design or outright make it a ban-able offense to advertise, sell, or purchase such services in game.

Warfield [IC]: *Goes out behind the tavern and buries a gold coin in the ground*

I wonder how often I have to water this.


Q: What's your stance on "Corpse camping", "Ganking", and "Graveyard camping"?

Warfield [IC]: Corpse camping? What in the name of Grungni are you blabbering about? If you want to share a sleeping bag with your favorite cadaver that's your business! I'll stick to a sack of gold coins under my pillow, thanks...

Warfield [OOC]: Stone and Steel is fine with repeatedly killing an enemy if they are not cunning enough to figure out a way to resurrect safely. We're also fine with demoralizing an enemy to the point that they revive at a graveyard. Remember that Dwarfs are fighting to regain their empire which has been ruined by the numerous Greenskins and the only way to win an online war is through attrition.

Warfield [IC]: Ganking? Hmmm... I think I heard an engineer use the term once when he got his beard caught in the gears of some new-fangled contraption. Serves em right fer bein' a reckless zaki.

Warfield [OOC]: I'm assuming you mean killing a single player with a full group or killing lower level players in RvR zones. Stone and Steel is fine with this too. Depending on who it is and if the situation permits it, we may offer a duel. If you don't want to get "ganked" either stay out of the RvR zones or tuck your beard into your belt!

Warfield [IC]: Graveyard Camping? Another one of your silly manling-terms I see. I can think of better places to camp other than with the dead. Unless ya mean paying homage to fallen heroes or our ancestors, because we honor them frequently.

Warfield [OOC]: Seriously, sometimes you just have to help certain people kick-start their critical thinking process. If you are being repeatedly killed at a graveyard, then why are you still rezing there? Pick another graveyard! We wouldn't sit at a graveyard deliberately and wait for people to revive there. However, if we are fighting near one and the enemies there keep reviving to attack us, we're going kill them over and over until they stop.

Anyways, we won't be writing any policies on these matters because; 1) Dwarfs hate Greenskins, Dark Elves, and Chaos and 2) this is an RvR game. Setting RvR restrictions on your members only puts them at a disadvantage when it's time to cross hammers.

We're not mean. We're just roleplaying vengeful Dwarfs with a lot of grudges to settle!


Q: Before we conclude, I notice you have members already in beta; you must be excited for them!

Warfield [IC]: We sure are and we're real anxious to join em, but as me grandfather always said, "beta late than never."

Warfield [OOC]: Well, we think its **NDA** that **NDA** and **NDA** are in the WAR beta. We look forward to joining **NDA** and **NDA** soon(tm) so we can share our **NDA** on matters such as **NDA**.


The Black Banner Asks: What goal do you hope to reach in the game, a point where you can say you as a guild was successful? For example, overcoming PvE obstacles, organising capital raids, etc.

Warfield [IC]: Rust and tarnish! Who let the damnable followers of chaos in here? Alright, now we're going to learn another long-standing Dwarf tradition... beating the ashes out of destruction forces who enter our tavern!"

Warfield [OOC]: In addition to grinding your kind into the dirt, we have four very specific goals stated on our website: 1) being the top guild renown points earner for our realm, 2) having our members reach the highest personal renown rank possible, 3) retaking Karak Eight Peaks, and 4) hitting the 100th guild level. While these lofty goals are all important to us, the point where I can say Stone and Steel is successful in WAR will be when we're able to field two groups of Dwarfs that have reached the highest renown rank possible. I feel that this will be the most difficult of our stated goals to achieve.


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>> WAR Beta: We're in! <<
Added by Warfield on Aug. 8th 2007 10:10 PM

Warhammer Guild Beta invites went out this week and we managed to get in! Emails were sent out to active Longbeards this evening, so if you've been posting on the forums recently, check your inboxes! If you've been active, but haven't received an email regarding this by Thursday Aug. 9th, please send me a private message through the forums by clicking on my username and selecting 'Send me a Message!'

It should also be mentioned that this invitation may have been influenced by Stone and Steel's Glander Chest, which was sent out by our emissaries to Jeff Hickman, Senior Producer of Warhammer Online. The following pictures have been archived in our Lore section for posterity.

The Glander Chest - constructed and designed by Anvyl
The Royal Seal - written by Warfield, designed by Anvyl
The Armor - designed by Warfield

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>> Stone and Steel on YouTube <<
Added by Warfield on Feb. 7th 2007 10:29 PM

Stone and Steel has finally joined the YouTube community. We have begun archiving our time in World of Warcraft over the past couple years. Expect more videos of greater length to hit YouTube once we begin playing Warhammer Online later this year. Links to all of our member videos have been archived in the Guild Lore section of the website. Here are the direct links to our first four videos on YouTube. Enjoy!

Link: Stone and Steel YouTube Channel
Skirmish in Hillsbrad
The Defense of Dun Garok
Narillasanz, Dragon of Hillsbrad
Dwarven Heroes

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>> Klinkarhun Warhammer Dwarf Font <<
Added by Warfield on Jan. 28th 2007 12:40 PM

Thane Baldaran of this very here Hold has taken Games Workshop's Klinkarhun runic Dwarf script and turned it into a Windows font. Full details and a download can be found in the Guild Lore section of the website under Artwork, Drawings and Fonts or by clicking here. Cheers to Baldaran for his efforts. I am certain there are more than a few Dwarf-players who have been looking for something like this for years!

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>> Warhammer Online Report <<
Added by Warfield on Aug. 12th 2006 5:28 PM

Our very own Anvyl Oathspeaker was on hand at this year's GenCon and has brought home some very good bits of Dwarf-related information about the upcoming Warhammer Online (Fall 2007). He will be attending the event again today and tomorrow, following up with even more Dwarfy goodness for the guild in the evenings! The following is a brief excerpt from his first report:

"The PvP endgame entails you assaulting the capital city of your opponent and capturing the enemy leader and taking them back to your capital. However, when you do capture the enemy leader, a broadcast message "The King has been captured!" is sent out and you become a big blinking spot on everyone’s ingame map. Additionally, there are buildings that you can sack in the city. When you do, treasure in the form of weapons and such will spawn."
[ Full report with screenshots and video clips ]

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>> Grand Marshal Hardolmer <<
Added by Warfield on May 4th 2006 10:29 PM

Cheers to Hardolmer on becoming Grand Marshal of the Alliance! He is the fourth Dwarf on Bleeding Hollow to earn the title and second Dwarf warrior on the server to achieve this rank (the first being Warfield of this very hold as well). Well done Hardolmer, it was a long struggle but ya finally did it. You do the hold proud with this achievement! I look forward to giving horde nightmares when they stare down the field and see two Grand Marshal's Sunderers before them! Horde and Alliance alike feel free to stop by The Foamymug in our Guildhall and congratulate him.

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>> Delera's Tomb <<
Added by Warfield on Mar. 26th 2006 10:04 PM

One week had past since the Dwarven adventuring party's last trip to the vast tomb outside House Jorasco. On their last visit, Stone and Steel was promptly escorted from the tomb by a host of skeletal archers and specters. They entered this time a little more prepared and knowing what to expect, at least near the entrance... This time around they had a veritable shield wall with fighters Gunthoren Grudgebearer and Kronis Wildaxe, even the barbarian, Baldaran Stonebreaker, set aside his great axe and bore warhammer and shield to deal with the vile undead who haunt the tomb. They had brought a young rogue with them this time around who went by the name of Gurnak Brokenblade. No treasure would elude the adventuring party today. The Dwarves, still bitter about the missed loot from last week, would suffer no mistakes from young Gurnak. The pressure the he felt while picking a lock or disarming a trap was all the more intense with five grizzled veterans breathing down his neck. Warfield Goblincleaver oversaw the expedition and  wielded a great sword of frost that he managed to liberate from the tomb during their hasty exit last time they where here.

The Dwarves did progress further into the tomb than they had the last week, though they quickly ran into trouble once again. Shields were inadequate against skeletal mages and Warfield's great sword of frost was proving to be ineffective against the skeletons who were immune to cold and resistant to slashing weapons. The Dwarven cleric, Anvyl Oathspeaker, was struggling to keep the party healthy when Gurnak had been knocked unconscious by a ghast's flailing blow. This left a spike trap still undiscovered until the Dwarven shield wall set it off. Gunthoren and Kronis were both severely wounded and would only be able to finish one last fight before their injuries had to be tended to.

It was then that Warfield gave the order to fall back. Gurnak was carried to the Open Palm Inn where he and the other Dwarves could recover from their adventure. Over a few pints of ale, the Dwarves talked about their experience and vowed to return to Delera's Tomb one day...

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