Dwarf Lord Warfield Runeaxe, the Motivator  

Rank: Dwarf Lord
Class: Paladin
Tradeskill: Blacksmith
Guilded: Aug. 1999
Dwarf Lord

Description Achievement Points Titles
Duration of Membership: 365 / 365 "The Venerable"
Adventuring Skill: 39 / 55 "The Champion"
Crafting Skill: 14 / 55 "The Masterful"
Diplomacy Skill: 13 / 55 "The Perceptive"
Dwarves or Gnomes Recruited: 5 / 5 "The Motivator"
Events Lead: 8 /10 "The Warlord"
Dungeons: 11 / 25 "The Spelunker"
Meetings Attended: 2 / 10 "The Loyal"
Duels Completed: 0 / 5 "The Stout"
Harvesting Events Attended: 0 / 5 "The Hoarder"
Roleplaying Events Attended: 0 / 5 "The Noble"
Grudges Settled: 2 / 10 "The Grudge Bearer"
Rare Monsters Slain: 0 / 10 "The Slayer"
Stories, Videos or News Items: 5 / 5 "The Story Teller"
Homes Built: 0 / 1 "The Hearthstone"
Months Paid for the Website: 12 / 12 "The Care Taker"
Items Donated: 0 / 30 "The Treasure Hunter"
Resources Donated: 0 / 200 "The Resourceful"
Gold Donated: 0 / 50 "The Generous"

Character Biography

Deity: Vothdar "The Valorous" - Vothdar is the god of strength, valor, and ancestry. His symbol is a mountain peak with an eye at the top looking down. Vothdar has been called upon by warriors in almost every battle to ever occur. To die in his name performing deeds of great heroism promises an afterlife in the Halls of Kortella, the warrior's rest. Here they will drink, fight, and have their tales of heroism recounted for all time. Calling upon Vothdar is not to be done lightly, however, for once you have called his attention, you every action will be judged. Should Vothdar be called upon to witness unworthy acts, then he will turn his back upon the coward who called him. Vothdar is opposed directly against Ghalnn, the god of slaughter.

Hair Color: Dark Brown with medium brown streaks
Eye Color: Silvery Blue
Age: 232 years
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 241 lbs.
Build: Stocky
Beard Style: Chest-length moustache, waist-length beard, both unbraided.
Hair Style: Shoulder-length, with an braided circlet-style ponytail starting half way up the back of his head

Armor Type: Heavy - Chainmail hauberk under a banded mail brigandine and plate epaulets
Preferred Weapon Type: two-handed great axe
Shield: none

Notes (to include any specific gear, runes, attributes, or information):

  • Battle Helm of Mount Glander

A helm with long vertical ivory horns and eye-visor. This horned helm is forged of gromril and trimmed with dark gold. On the brow is socketed the Glanderstone, a large white gem found by the original delvers of Mount Glander. The gem glows when worn by those of the Mount Glander royal blood line and is a rallying beacon in the chaos of battle. This is a family heirloom passed down from Warfield's ancestors.

  • Grobguz the Goblin Devourer

A double-bladed runic great axe made of gromril and heavily embossed with dark gold. Forged in depths of Mount Glander to slay the Orc King, Goregut Dwarf-Hater. This axe never fulfilled its oath though as Goregut was eaten by Zharung at the foot of Mount Glander where the orcish army was camped during a siege. This axe is imbued with the Rune of Might (25 points) and the Rune of Fury (25 points).

  • Breastplate of Stone and Steel

Over top of his iron scalemail hauberk, Warfield wears a gromril-forged breast plate trimmed with dark gold. In its center is embossed the symbol of Mount Glander; two crossed golden hammers. Flanking the icon is the Rune of Stone (5 points) and the Master Rune of Steel (50 points), granting additional protection to the wearer.

  • Royal Tankard of Warding

On Warfield's belt is chained a gem-encrusted gold tankard marked with the Rune of Warding. Those who drink from the tankard are protected against magic for a short time. Spells are largely ineffectual against Warfield due to the frequency of Dwarf ale consumption.

Warfield has a small smithy hammer strapped to his belt used to perform various repairs or to be used as a weapon in an emergency. He also carries around a Red Elm pipe carved by the hold's pipe maker a long time ago to remind him of simpler times. When traveling, he wears a crimson red cloak with dark gold trim. This doesn't provide much subtlety in the woods, but it does hint to those around the status of its wearer.

Brief history:

Originally hailing from a small eastern region in Northern Stonepine Ridge known as Mount Glander, Warfield is the leader of Stone and Steel, a Dwarf regiment from Bordinar's Cleft. After nearly two centuries to work on the art of combat, he is somewhat skilled in battle-healing and gaining the attention of his foes, though it his charisma that tends to rally dwarfs to his banner more than his battle prowess. After the death of his father, Warfield became the ninth King of Mount Glander. His reign was cut short however, when the hold was attacked by a wicked frost drake named Zharung and the Dwarfs were forced to abandon their home after a valiant attempt to defend it.

Surviving clans followed Warfield through the mountains to Bordinar's Cleft where he sought audience with King Flamehammer to ask for his kin to be given refuge within the mountain hold. Flamehammer agreed and granted the beleaguered Dwarfs a home within the mountain. Stone and Steel was formed from the clans of Mount Glander as a military regiment within Bordinar Cleft's army and Warfield was given the title of Dwarf Lord.

In an effort to restore glory to the deep realms of Telon, Warfield petitioned King Flamehammer to create an alliance between the Dwarfs and Gnomes. To accomplish this, the regiment of Stone and Steel was to permit Gnomes to join their ranks. This once tenuous relationship between the two races has slowly started to improve because of this alliance.

Honor and Valor are cornerstones of Warfield's belief system, and he tends to be harsh and unforgiving of oathbreakers. When Warfield speaks, his voice rumbles like a thunderhead on the horizon and when he bellows his warcry it echoes for miles. His favorite drink is Brodder's Double Brewed Double Stout Dwarven Ale which he finds helps keep him focused and while he carries around the Red Elm pipe carved for him, he does not smoke.



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